Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Latest Modern Unique Hairstyle Trends

Modern Hairstyle Trends presents Latest Modern Unique Hairstyle Trends

Hairstyles keep changing quickly these days. The trendy and chic hairstyles are the latest ones which everyone wants to adopt. The latest trends in hairstyle are the side sweeps, bangs, blunt edging, bob and layers.

Latest Modern Unique Hairstyle Trends

The celebrity’s hairstyles are the trendiest ones to follow. The latest in fashion like straight long hair looks cool but they are tough to manage. The Hollywood celebrity Aaliyah has got thick dry hair. She uses wax and hair sprays to manage her long straight hair.

The wavy medium hairstyle is in fashion too. Alex Breckenridge, the popular Hollywood actress maintains her wavy hairstyle by applying mousse and gels over them. The wavy hairstyle suits on oval, round and heart shaped faces.

These days, Jordan’s sliced layers are also famous in the industry. Her layers create bouncy movement which adds latest trendy and chic style to them. The layers suit upon the oval, heart and diamond shaped faces.

Latest Modern Unique Hairstyle Trends

The bob cut are strangely in fashion again. The Hollywood actress Salon adapted it nicely. She has got her classy bob style in the front. At the back, there is a line of layers meeting at the neckline for achieving height; however the side cuts are till the ear levels. The oval, long and diamond faces are suitable for such type of hairstyles.

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